Tommy McClennan ‎– The Bluebird Recordings 1939-1942

  • Reissue. Tommy McClennan was only active for a brief three years, he left a powerful legacy on the world of blues and beyond, influencing the likes of John Fahey and Elmore James, with tracks being covered by everyone from Bob Dylan to Albert King.
Producent: Doxy
Kod produktu: DOY697
Format: 3LP, Box, Compilation
Styl: Blues
Data Wydania: 2013
Kraj: USA
149,00 zł
/ szt.
McClennan's hoarse, shouted vocals, spoken vaudeville asides and scrappy guitar work make for a pretty irresistible combination, especially in light of the simple fact that most blues fans have never been exposed to his music in large doses. This double disc rounds up every known extant side recorded for Bluebird between 1939 to 1942, when the label dropped him for problems with alcohol. The music on here comes from five sessions and is uniformly excellent, if a bit samey. But it is blues at its most intense and unfettered, and tracks like "Bottle It Up and Go," "You Can Mistreat Me Here," "Baby Please Don't Tell On Me," "New Shake 'Em On Down," and "Baby Don't You Want to Go?" (the latter his adaption of "Sweet Home Chicago") are full of energy and verses worth requoting. This set is one of the true hidden treasures of the "Bluebird" period in blues history and, as such, deserves a much, much wider hearing.

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