Wintsch / Weber / Wolfarth ‎– The Holistic Worlds Of

  • Where in their early years the band has stretched the boundaries of a piano trio they manage today to bring them down altogether.
Producent: Monotype Records
Kod produktu: monoLP010
49,00 zł
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"Another title came to my mind when I had this LP in my hands: "The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra." I'm not sure their title is meant as reference to Sun Ra, but they do have something in common. As "Holistic Worlds of" is above all remarkable for its use of synthesizers in an acoustic environment, this was also the case by Sun Ra, who is known for his use of synthesizers in his Arkestras. Anyway we are talking here of an excellent work, delivered by a Swiss trio of Michel Wintsch (piano, synthesizer), Christian Weber (bass) and Christian Wolfarth (drums). Their new release contains 10 fresh improvisations that are inventive and imaginative. What stays most to my mind is the combination of acoustical instruments and the eccentric use of electronics. In the second track "Bells" these sounds clearly refer to the sounds from the bells in a clockwork. Not surprising for a Swiss combo of course. In the line with the following track "Mercury tears" and most of the other pieces on this album, is their minimalist and open approach in creating textures that are full of tension and never have a weak spot. They never chose for an uptempo journey, but consequently stick a searching and slowly progression style of unfolding their ideas. Fine and satisfying work, released by the Polish Monotype Label."

Dolf Mulder

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