The Who ‎– Face Dances

  • Reedycja. Face Dances to dziewiąty studyjny album wydany przez brytyjską grupę The Who. Pierwszy album wydany po śmierci Keith'a Moon'a.
Producent: MCA Records
Kod produktu: MCA-25987
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The Who were dealt a crushing blow when original drummer Keith Moon died on Sept. 7, 1978. But they decided to carry on: Face Dances, their first album without Moon, was released on March 11, 1981. Despite the tragic setback, the Who hadn’t been out of sight during the two-and-a-half-year interim. To the contrary, their profile had rarely been higher. The Kids Are Alright, Jeff Stein’s excellent documentary about the band, came out in May 1979. The film adaptation of Quadrophenia, which featured a few new songs and bassist John Entwistle remixing the songs used on the soundtrack, arrived four months later. In the spring of 1980, Pete Townshend put out a solo album, Empty Glass, which contained his biggest hit, "Let My Love Open the Door." Roger Daltrey turned to acting, starring in the movie McVicar and singing the soundtrack, both of which were released in the summer of 1980. A few months after Moon's death, the Who announced that Kenney Jones, formerly of the Small Faces and the Faces, would be their new drummer. Jones knew that the task facing him would be a seriously difficult challenge. "He had his own style of drumming, which nobody could mimic," Jones told Drum in 2013, "because he played thousands of mistakes that sounded great. But I’m more of straightforward, solid drummer. When I do a fill it’s noticeable, rather than being a permanent drum solo. So I thought that the best thing I could do was to play the way I play. That’s being honest. I tried to take the best of Keith Moon -- all his great fills, which you have to do in certain songs – and use them selectively. But the style would finally be me. And that’s all I could do, I couldn’t do no more." A world tour followed, but those dates towards the end of 1979 will forever be remembered by the death of 11 fans at Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum. The band still insisted on staying together, however, and a couple of months after Empty Glass hit shelves, they holed up in London's Odyssey Studios to create their ninth studio record.
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