John Fahey ‎– Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You: The Fonotone Years (1958-1965)

  • Issued in a 12" x 12" solid cardboard box containing an 88-page hardback book and separate cardboard gatefold with the CDs in pockets.
Producent: Dust-to-Digital
Kod produktu: DTD-21
Styl: Folk
Data Wydania: 2011.10.11
Kraj: USA
279,00 zł
/ szt.
The collection consists of 115 tracks on five CDs. The mostly unreleased material was recorded for Joe Bussard's Fonotone label. The original reel-to-reel tapes used for 78-rpm records were remastered and a large amount of documentary data is included in an 88-page hardcover book. The project was completed by Glenn Jones, Dean Blackwood and Lance Ledbetter. The tracks were recorded and released by Bussard, often using pseudonyms such as The Mississippi Stompers and Blind Thomas. Fahey was against releasing the material, stating "A lot of those recordings were made before I could play guitar."

Reviews of the box set were positive, focusing on Fahey's collection of old material. Grayson Currin calls some of the material "as a curiosity at best" and will not stand up to repeated listenings. He also writes it is "a rich overview of America's musical bedrock-- only here, it's told through the hard-won, fast-paced development of a guitarist who, in turn, changed the way future players could consider their instrument. A must-have collection of lore, music, and history, it's a unified, brilliant, and often very challenging archive." David Dunlap, Jr. of the Washington City Paper wrote the box set "portrays Fahey, the American Primitive, a musician both vulgar and elegant, as the brilliant, beautiful mess that he was." Marc Medwin of Dusted Magazine wrote "If ever there was a box set to which the old chestnut “Warts and All” applied, it’s Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You. No one knows that better than Glenn Jones, the long-time John Fahey enthusiast and a compiler of this five-disc compendium of Fahey’s earliest recordings. He is the first to admit that some of this material is simply excruciating listening, but he is persuasive about its historical importance. The music ultimately proves him right."

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