Nico & The Faction ‎– Fata Morgana

  • Exclusive Record Store Day 2017 release. Limited to 2000 units worldwide. Comes with insert/liner notes & obi strip.
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Nico spent much of the 80s strung-out and playing pickup gigs around Europe with various Faction lineups led by keyboardist James Young (gory details recounted in his memoir Songs They Never Play On The Radio). By June 1988, Nico was getting clean and her beleaguered muse returning when she appeared at Fata Morgana – Wüstenklänge Im Planetarium (Desert Sounds In The Planetarium) during Berlin’s annual European Capital of Culture festival. Nico suggested illuminating the Planetarium as a moon desert and, accompanied by Young, guitarist Henry Olsen and drummer Erik Graham Dowdall, performed seven riveting new songs, including The Sound, All Saints’ Night, Fata Morgana and the heartbreakingly poignant I Will Be Seven, that can sit with her best. Underpinned by her Indian pump organ, her voice is a revelation, a perfect counter to the band’s supernatural tapestries. By this point it seemed impossibly deep, though capable of returning to her old register on the spine-chilling closer of The End’s You Forget To Answer. First released on Record Store Day, this beautifully-packaged double album chronicles that magical night; tragically Nico’s last concert before her fatal accident six weeks later. It was her final triumph, now available for all the world to hear.
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