Brötzmann / Miller / Moholo ‎– The Nearer The Bone, The Sweeter The Meat

  • Limited edition of 750 copies. "The long tension arches, warmth and depth of interaction, as well as the inclusion of traditional Jazz elements result in a very communicative contemporary recording." - Jazz Forum
Producent: Cien Fuegos
Kod produktu: CF005
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"While much of the European scene at the time veered toward inexplicable intensity, this performance is reminiscent of players such as Pharoah Sanders, with a slow, steady build toward a musical inferno guided by a similar feeling of intense spirituality. Live recording of the concert is quite good, with drummer Moholo perhaps a trifle under-mixed, with highlights including the title piece and 'Kucken und Drücken,' both extended performances." - Eugene Chadbourne, AMG

"A very satisfying effort giving Brötzmann yet another context in which to explore his art." - Cadence

"What's most impressive is the trio's ability to ease off the volume and open up a more subtle sound palette, without ever letting the velocity or intensity flag. As Moholo drops down into a rapid patter, like raindrops on an upturned wooden bucket, Miller investigates abstract arco shapes, which find a natural resonance with Brötzmann's long, languid lines. The title track is a study in patience, with Miller's pizzicato details and Moholo's muted barrage guiding Brotzmann into a leisurely ascent from the lower registers of his bass clarinet, like thick coils of smoke slowly rising." -Daniel Spicer, The Wire
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