Puttin On The Ritz ‎– White Light / White Heat

  • Puttin' On the Ritz Re-Imagines the Classic Second Album by the Velvet Underground or White Light/White Heat if Lou Reed and John Cale had been Members of the Sun Ra Arkestra!
Producent: Hot Cup Records
Kod produktu: HC 096
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One of moments that epitomizes the album’s frenzy comes in “I Heard Her Call My Name.” After Lou Reed sings the line, “Then my mind split open,” in the second chorus, his guitar emits an ear-splitting shriek of feedback that nearly swallows his three bandmates. It sonically reproduces the preceding lyric with one of the single-most brutal guitar sounds ever recorded by a rock band.

Puttin’ on the Ritz doesn’t try to recreate that moment on their song-by-song reworking of the Velvets’ classic. In fact, vocalist BJ Rubin doesn’t even sing the line, on that chorus or the previous one. Maybe they decided they couldn’t do justice to this seminal moment. Or maybe they simply forgot that part of the song. Which is the problem with this White Light/White Heat. Described in its press release as “part homage, part personal exploration, part deconstruction and part reinterpretation,” it doesn’t settle on any of these. The band can’t seem to decide whether to put a jazz spin on the pre-punk classic or poke fun at a sacred cow.

POTR is the brainchild of Rubin and drummer Kevin Shea. Rubin (a one-time associate producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) holds the Velvets dear to his heart, having listened to the original album during his daily commute upon first moving to New York. Shea is well versed in wiseacre music, most notably jazz irreverents Mostly Other People Do the Killing, whose bassist Moppa Elliot and saxophonist Jon Irabagon join the madness, along with trumpeter Nate Wooley and trombonist Sam Kulick.
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