Nahawa Doumbia ‎– La Grande Cantatrice Malienne, Vol. 3

  • Reissue. Nahawa Doumbia was born in the small town of Mafélé, in the Sikasso region in Mali.
Kod produktu: ATFA001
Data Wydania: 2011
Kraj: Mali
69,00 zł
/ szt.
After five years of feeding the internet and global dancefloors with rips of obscure and enchanting African cassettes, the widely loved Awesome Tapes From Africa blog presents its first release! 'La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol.3' is a sublime 1982 recording made by Mali's Nâ Hawa Doumbia in the Ivory Coast. It features four beautiful songs dominated by Doumbia's captivating vocal and set to a stripped-down backing of acoustic guitars, sparing keyboard and percussion played to the native Didadi rhythm of Bougouni in south west Mali. The recording itself is raw and stark but not lo-fi, while retaining the warm fidelity of the original tapes. However, that's beside the point when the songs are so great, from the hypnotic, impassioned 'Korô Dia' to the bubbling swoon of 'Dan té dinyé la' and the subtly gentle-yet-urgent 'Danaya'. No matter the politics of reissuing this material (which, in this case is totally legit - 50% of sales profits goes to the artist), Awesome Tapes are doing everyone a favour by giving fantastic music a new audience and lease of life, and we can see this becoming a very firm favourite in the hearts of nearly everyone it reaches.
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