Brötzmann / Bennink ‎– Schwarzwaldfahrt

  • Limited edition of 750 copies. 1977 in the Black Forest near Aufen, two men make nature music. Broztmann and Bennink wander through trees, streams and lakes.
Producent: Cien Fuegos
Kod produktu: CF004
119,00 zł
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(excerpted from Peter's liner notes): "There was a time Han Bennink and I, sometimes with Fred Van Hove, would drive through the Black Forest to get to places like the jazz club in Villingen and Loerrach, to play. At the same time during the end of sixties, beginning of seventies Joachim-Ernst Berendt, chief of the SWF Radio was setting up a yearly meeting and driving through the forest Bennink and I had the idea of just going and playing in nature. We talked to Berendt about the idea and he provided us with recording equipment and an official letter allowing us to go and make noises, even in parts of the forest that were closed to the public. We took off for about a week at the end of the winter, still some snow on the peaks; it was grim, rainy, cloudy weather, and very cold. We drove in Bennink's windowless Citroen lorry he had painted black. You could see the original blue-gray shinning though. Wherever we thought it was nice, we stopped, set up and played a bit. Bennink hadn't taken any drums with him, so he was playing on trees, stones, whatever was at hand. I had clarinets and saxophones, but it was much too cold to get them really working. Han had clarinets, sopranino, and some string instruments and toys..."
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