Lorent & Nerkowski – Eidos

  • With this album we can grasp for a brief moment the essence (eidos) of man and music, we can come closer to the thresholds of The Inconceivable. Percussionist Leszek Lorent and baritone Maciej Nerkowski create an ambience of joyous solemnity and ecstasy,
Producent: For Tune
Kod produktu: 0017(003)
Format: CD
Data Wydania: 2013.09.24
Kraj: Poland
38,00 zł
/ szt.
Voice and percussion have been the two oldest instruments in the history of human existence. Voice and percussion were thus the building material of mankind's earliest sphere of sacrum, allowing the man to near - even if for a moment - The Incomprehensible, the essence of things. The music we herein present strives to bring us closer to this essence (Greek eidos). In cooperation with my friend and an exquisite baritone Maciek Nerkowski we have spent countless hours wondering how to interest listeners in baritone and percussion music that carries some old-time philosophical ideas introducing us to eidos. This praiseworthy idea seems unachievable, or extremely hard at best. Fortunately, though, the pantheon of composers features a number of meditative personages who have translated philosophical texts into the language of music. They, just like us, regard music as the universal and only language which operates at such a level of abstraction that it surpasses ethnic, cultural and religious divisions and is a key to gnosis in its broadest sense.

Leszek Lorent - for-tune.pl

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